10 Google Ranking Factors You Shouldn’t Ignore

There are millions of websites in this digital world. However, which ones should find their positions on the first page? How does Google decide on these website’s ranks? The engine stays unbiased and has over 200 ranking factors for websites. But, the importance of these ranking factors is not equal. To rank the websites, the search bots use some rules, known as SEO ranking factors.

The most popular digital marketing agency in USA focuses on these factors for a successful SEO campaign. Professional marketers stick to some rules to promote your website. You can now check out top Google ranking factors.


Technical SEO, including website security

When your website is not accessible to search engines, you will find no positive effect on ranking. The search engine looks for the available web pages and obtains the essential information during crawling.

For effective technical SEO, you have to add a sitemap listing your webpages. You may also use a Google Search Console to find the crawl errors.

Moreover, technical SEO professionals should also focus on website security and implement SSL technology.

Plus, it’s important to be aware that if you migrate your website to another platform, there’s a chance it could rank lower once relaunched—unless proper precautions are put in place.


Keyword placement in the content

You have to add SEO-friendly keywords and phrases relevant to your content. For instance, you may use the terms like magazines and books to write a blog on books. It is better to use a keyword analysis tool.

Deployment of SEO keywords in the content may not always give you the result. Your content has to be informative to convince users to read your page for a more extended period.


Faster loading time

Your website speed is one of the major SEO ranking factors. Slow-loading websites with large video files and heavy graphics may not find a place in the SERP result. Thus, you have to make your website easily loadable. Reduce the number of videos, irrelevant pictures, and heavy files. You can compress images to ensure a faster loading time.


An acceptable and proper URL

Your website URL plays an essential role in making your SEO campaign successful. Thus, a clean and short web URL is the best option for you. Avoid using long numbers and complicated names. Adjust the URL and find a difference in your SEO performance.


Mobile-friendliness of your site

More than two-thirds of organic searches are from the mobile platform. That is why mobile-friendliness is one of the ranking factors for Google. Google Search Console is the best tool enabling you the mobile usability of your site. However, nowadays, there is a trend of creating responsive websites, which work smoothly with mobile platforms.


Internal links and quality backlinks

When other websites create a link to any webpages, you will get backlinks. The number of backlinks can increase your organic search ranks. These backlines ensure that the website is authentic and valuable.

There are backlink checkers to test your backlink profile. It would help if you also created inbound links to raise your SEO ranking.

Link one webpage of your site to another for effective internal linking.


Quality of your content

Your web content quality is the most important factor while publishing something on the site. You have to maintain the relevancy and uniqueness of the content. Create fresh content and publish it on your website to increase ranking. The re-publication of a blog from a reliable site will not give a push to your website rank. Although re-publication does not result in a penalty, you will not get rewards.


Brand reputation

Do not think that backlinks will help you in building your brand reputation. You can try to develop a global digital community and spread your brand name. For instance, you have to promote your brand on social media sites, forums, and other websites. When your target audiences start trusting you, it will be easy to strengthen your brand reputation.


User experience

It is one of the most significant factors to rank your web content. There are different ways to ensure the best user experience. You must have-

  • Easily readable content
  • Content with valuable information
  • Highly organized site
  • Responsive design
  • Customer-centric design
  • No frequent ads

However, SEO professionals have different views about the rules of measuring user satisfaction. In most cases, Google checks the bounce rate, CTR, and dwell time.


Content depth and format

The depth of your website content is one of the important SEO factors. However, do not mistakenly think it to be the content length. The term, depth, indicates the usefulness of the content. The searcher has to find everything that they need.

Moreover, the content format is another relevant factor for an SEO campaign. You can write news articles, tutorials, and how-tos.

You can now check out what SEO factors you have overlooked in your campaign. To ensure the best result, you may hire a team of professionals. Digital marketers, including SEO professionals, know the right way of applying the best marketing techniques for your business.

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