12 Excellent Ways To Make Your Event A Massive Hit On Social Media

Event promotion is not an effortless task!

You should plan every step of it perfectly to achieve your event’s success. It is more important to promote events to the correct audience in this social generation.

Using social media effectively takes your event to the next level. It’s a perfect way to generate hype for your spectacular upcoming event.

Pick our step-by-step procedure to get your event more coverage, and it will be more surprising and enjoyable than you thought. 

Let’s jump in.


Describe Your Objective Clearly

It’s easier if you decide what to achieve through your event. You should think about your main objectives carefully and need to carve out unique strategies and approaches for every social platform accordingly. 

Here are the simple questions that may help you to bring up your objectives:

  • What did you need to gain through promoting events on social networks?
  • Will you enlarge your connections with your current fans and gain sales leads?

Confirm your goal-reaching framework for your event promotion is time capable, applicable, and entirely trackable.


Select a Perfect Conversion Online Platform

Your main objective of using social networks for promoting events should be getting more traffic to order tickets at each opportunity from your event source.


Pick Social Networks According To Your Targeted Audience

By picking out the correct social network to advertise your event page, you have the brilliant opportunity to reach out to huge traffic from various places.

Some social networks would be more compelling than others based on your industry, brand, and target peoples. In other words, if you use social media in an effective way for your event promotion, then you are well covered.

Here are the specialty of emerging social media networks:


Many brands and industries obtain more engagement through this network. You can add your event information in the form of stories where viewers use the swipe up option and reach your event page directly.


You can create the page for your event, gather followers, and share event information and updates. Your event page can get unbelievable traffic if you work with promoted posts with catchy video content or image and have a straight link to your event source.


YouTube is the second most popular network to advertise your events, where it acquires more than three billion searches every month. You can create stunning promotional video content with your guests, venues, and attendees. Also, you can gain more engagement through live streaming on YouTube at the time of the event.


Tweet posts with an event hashtag uniquely before and at the event to make a buzz. With a catchy caption, you can also attach the URL linking directly to your event source.

Optimize Your Profiles On Social Networks:

Every social media network provides various opportunities for event promotions. Now it’s your turn to select the more relevant platforms with your specific audience, bring your event promotion strategies, and even the event itself if required. 

For example, if your event belongs to a large trade show, audit, or a huge conference – LinkedIn will be your primary place of interest when it comes to promoting the event.

A few useful points to optimize your profiles on social media:

  • Bring your profile pictures consistent overall networks.
  • Remove your tags from irrelevant posts and images.
  • Give links to all your social accounts, and be sure the links are perfect in working condition.
  • Pin your perfect posts.
  • Give attention to the “about us” part of your social profiles.
  • Give likes to relevant accounts and pages.
  • Maintain your social profiles updated and available for every audience. 

Don’t forget consistency is the primary key. Be sure about your consistency on all your social profiles. Are you following the same slogans, colors, themes, and logos? If anyone misses out on these, get there and fix it. Bring brand recognition over all your channels.


Make Sure About Your Content Plan

Quote, video, image, Livestream, infographics, and hashtags are various types of content that would be more important while event promotion on social media networks.

Bring quality and unique content to promote events. Quality content is the type of content that brings massive engagements. Making engaging content will step up your event promotion extremely.

A few tremendous points to make content more engaging:

  • Write the eye-catching titles.
  • Use subheadings in the content.
  • Maintain a consistent tone in the content.
  • Don’t ignore keywords.
  • Mention links and facts.
  • Be creative.


Upload Frequently To Grow a Community

Post the contents regularly and always have an active account. If your page brings unnecessary activities, it brings the wrong understanding and daunts the audience to connect with you.

There are excess management tools for social media to regulate the content, starting from content scheduling, measuring ROI, providing CRM(customer relationship management), etc. Some of the excellent examples of management tools for social media are Buffer, Sprout Social, Hootsuite.


Gear Up With Online Polling

Online polling is a great feature of social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Also, you can raise questions on the theme of your event or the features to merge in the forthcoming theme. You can make the poll easily from Facebook’s timeline or newsfeed or Instagram – Snapchat stories.


Jump-in To The Social Media Promotion

Tip-1: Event Promotion With Facebook Advertising

Utilize the extreme power of ads on Facebook to enlarge your promotional reach. Most of your followers on Facebook can’t see your post because of the drop in organic reach on Facebook. It allows you to deliver the post to target users so that you can bring your valuable attendees.

Tip-2: Create a Promotional Video on TikTok

Video content is the most compelling way to accelerate your event in simple moments. According to the research, over 80% of internet traffic would be through online video content by 2022.

Make and upload promotional video content on TikTok to bring interest, show the attending value, provide a sneak peek that the audience wants, and reshow the event happened previously. Besides creating the video, you could get cheap TikTok likes to popularize your event and get a wider reach in less time and effort.

Upload your promotional video content on both TikTok and YouTube. Also, upload the video on the Facebook community, highlight it on the event page, and don’t forget to tag the video contents.

Tip-3: Come Up With Ideal Hashtags

Having perfect hashtags for your stunning event is important on various levels. Before finalizing the hashtags for the event, you need the following points in that, there are:

  • Short
  • Understandable
  • Engaging
  • Consistent 


Promotional Ideas For Event Reaching Your Guests

Tip-1: Make a Brand Graphic For Your Speakers Or Artists

Use free online tools like Canva to bring branded images of the speakers or artists, mentioning your event logo and hashtag. Impress every presenter to share the branded images from their social network profiles.

Tip-2: Special Treatment For Your Ambassadors

Give your past audience and ambassadors discount codes so that they can share them with their audience. Tracking the code helps you to know how far the referrals go. It helps in broadening the audience to your event.


Preparations On Last Minute:

  • Hike your audience’s expectations with the contents and pictures from the previous year. Share the glorious decorations of venues and interactions of the audience that stands front on people’s feed. Also, ask the people to share their memories which have attended the event in previous years. 
  • Create interesting infographics that describe your event and share it on various social media networks. 
  • Always people seek to free things so organize some free tickets to attend the event. Select the people for free tickets by conducting interesting games on social media with a unique hashtag.


Promotional Ideas While Ongoing Event

  • Live stream your event on every social media channel. Also, use live and short clips from your stunning event, such as interviews with the guests or BTS(Behind The Scenes), to connect with the target viewers. Instagram and Facebook are great platforms to go live, which helps to attract huge viewers.
  • The live tweet also helps to grab more viewers for your event. Make someone from your event team put live tweets from the ongoing event and retweets the audience’s tweets and replies to the queries that come through social media.


Marketing Activities After The Event

  • Your mega event is over now! Now it’s time to check your social media analytics to analyze the results. Analyze everything how viewers rated the event hospitality, environment, lighting, sounds, parking, etc. Note all the points to bring your next event stronger.
  • Send thanking messages to the viewers who have commented positively about your event on social media. It’s a great sign for them to give their presence for your next event. 
  • Upload event images, video contents, highlights, and also the key moments from your stunning event. Give a reply to your online fans. Respond to every feedback from your audience.

Always be smart in promoting your event, and you will get the power of social media.


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Anne Joseph is a passionate social media writer and working at Bouxtie. She has strong strategy skills in developing and managing social media campaigns. She loves to make new connections and enjoys the opportunity to work with social media influencers. 


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