Ahrefs Alternatives – Similar Free & Paid SEO, Content Tools

Ahrefs is a popular SEO tool to track rankings, find keywords and post opportunities, and generally improve your SEO. This post will look at some Ahrefs alternatives and provide a detailed breakdown of each.

For each Ahrefs alternative, we will look at:

  • Some free options and paid alternatives to Ahrefs
  • How they compare to Ahrefs
  • My experience using all of these tools

So if you are having any issues with Ahrefs or looking for a better alternative, check out the following.


The thing with SEO tools is that you are often combining them with other tools that sit more on the side of content marketing.

Seotagg is an excellent alternative to Ahrefs for those that are looking to combine content marketing with SEO research.

I use it daily in my freelance work.

It’s a tool that helps you identify new keywords and content ideas and get key SEO metrics.

It combines this into a neat interface where you can track and manage keywords, but more importantly, view important keyword metrics as you write your content.

This helps you to prioritize your content writing flow and track your SEO performance at the same time.

As an alternative to Ahrefs, it’s not going to be as conclusive in terms of SEO data. However, if your goal is to research and write content that ranks, it’s an incredible tool.

Pricing starts at $11, which is a steal compared to some of the tools on this list.

I use both Ahrefs and Seotagg. But, I’ve found myself spending more and more time in this tool.


This tool is one of the most popular SEO tools out there. It’s grown a massive amount since it’s inception, where it was mainly just a tool for keyword research.

Currently, SEMrush offers a whole suite of SEO tools that make it a suitable alternative to Ahrefs. These include:

  • Traffic estimates
  • Backlink analysis
  • Rank tracking
  • Keyword research
  • Many more

Compared to Ahrefs, this tool is probably the most similar based on what information and metrics you will get from using it.

However, the UI is a little bit different. Ahrefs is more like a database, or wiki with extensive metrics available from a domain focused view. SEMrush is probably a more friendly UI, but it is limited for instant insight.

That’s just my opinion, and it comes down to personal preference. One thing that isn’t subjective is the price.

SEMrush isn’t going to change how much your SEO tool will cost if you are thinking of switching from Ahrefs. They are incredibly similar in terms of cost, with the same tier structure.

To summarise, there are many similarities between Ahrefs and SEMrush, both in terms of features and price. SEMrush ranks as one of the best alternatives to Ahrefs and, at a similar price point, is an excellent solution if you prefer the UI.


Although it’s getting a little outdated, Majestic SEO is still among the leading SEO tools on the marketplace.

Majestic is 100% focused on backlinking and providign info on this. If you are looking to find a tool that takes care of all of your SEO jobs in one location, Majestic SEO most likely isn’t an excellent fit for you.

If all you care about is backlink information, Majestic SEO is quite vital.

When looking at the effectiveness of backlink comparison tools, Majestic wasn’t too far behind other significant SEO options.

For some websites, it, in fact, discovered more backlinks than SEMrush. I can’t criticize the data provided by using the tool. It’s really strong tech.

The primary issue is that the UX is very out-of-date.

It’s more than the backend is challenging to utilize. Specifically, when comparing it to Ahrefs.

When comparing backlink data, Majestic SEO isn’t a bad Ahrefs alternative.

But the thing is that you can’t examine a tool based just on the data it offers. You have to consider UX, how it works, client assistance, and more.

And when you take all those things into account, Ahrefs comes out way ahead.

You can utilize Ahrefs for nearly all of your SEO jobs. Majestic does not have any of that extensive capability. It’s a 100% pure link structure tool.

That stated the cost of Majestic shows the absence of functions. It begins at $50/month.

If you’re somebody that is focused entirely on backlinks, then you’ll most likely get an outrageous amount from that 50 dollars.

If you desire an all-in-one piece of SEO software application, Ahrefs is most likely your finest bet.


Next up on our list of SEO tools is Ubersuggest. This Ahrefs alternative is an excellent solution if you are looking for a cheaper entry point and more flexibility in trials and testing a tool before use.

Ubersuggests offers a similar range of tools that Ahrefs offers, such as:

However, it’s important to note that most of these tools are available at a domain level. Ahrefs, on the other hand, offers most of its metrics on an individual page level. This makes it a powerful tool for generating content ideas, stealing competitors’ content, and making informed SEO decisions.

However, domain-level stats are still handy and can help you rank your site. Let’s not forget that Ahrefs isn’t the cheapest SEO tool on the market. At the time of writing, Ubersuggest comes in at around half the price of a subscription to Ahrefs.

In terms of price, there is a pretty large difference in price point. You can save a significant amount each month by opting for Ubersuggest as an alternative to Ahrefs. You might lose a few of the more granular insights, but the tool is still useful enough for most SEO professionals.


Next up, let’s have a look at BuzzSumo.

Unlike a few of the other tools that I noted here, BuzzSumo isn’t very SEO focused. It’s more of a content marketing tool.

Why, then, are we including BuzzSumo in this list of Ahrefs options?

Well, SEO and content marketing overlap. A lot. We already talked about this in the review of Seotagg.

To put it simply: your website can be completely enhanced. To rank today, your content also has to be incredible.

Plus, BuzzSumo does have a couple of SEO-focused functions (like a useful backlinks tool).

Yeah, BuzzSumo is one of my best marketing tools. It’s improved my SEO by making my content much better.

To be clear: Ahrefs and BuzzSumo are different tools.

BuzzSumo does not have many crucial SEO functions in Ahrefs, like a website auditing tool.

That stated, there is some overlap between the two tools. Both Ahrefs and BuzzSumo have functions that help you discover content ideas based on many social media shares.

The concern here isn’t: “How does BuzzSumo stack up versus Ahrefs?”. What I’m asking is: “Do you desire a tool that’s only focused on SEO (Ahrefs)?

Or a tool that aids with material marketing (BuzzSumo)?”.

I’d stick to Ahrefs or one of the other tools that I noted here if you’re 100% focused on enhancing your Google rankings. If you want SEO to be more of a secondary factor with content marketing in front, you’ll get a lot of worth out of BuzzSumo.

Yeah, there’s no right or incorrect response. It depends upon the kind of digital marketing that you’re concentrating on today.

I utilize both all the time. Since I’m more focused on SEO, I will use Ahrefs more typically than BuzzSumo.

I understand plenty of individuals that utilize BuzzSumo every day and just login to Ahrefs as soon as and a while. It truly depends.


Mangools isn’t your standard SEO software application toolkit.

Instead of several conjoined tools, Mangools is five entirely separated tools.

Mangools– App Faster Ways Let’s say that you are looking to see the keywords that a website ranks for in Google.

Well, you’d open “KWFinder,” hit the “Browse by domain” tab, and key in the domain you wish to take a look at:

To see that website’s backlinks. Well, now you require to return to your first view, hit “LinkMiner” to open their backlink tool and begin the entire procedure again.

This isn’t ideal when you are using the tool regularly.

I want the tools to be together, ideally in the same place.

In my opinion, Mangools isn’t even in the same league as Ahrefs.

And I’m not only referring to the fact that it takes 3-5x more clicks to do something in Mangools than in Ahrefs.

The functions themselves aren’t as strong as Ahrefs.

The backlink analysis function inside Mangools does not have that many filters.

You essentially have filters for dofollow vs. nofollow, deleted vs. active. This is a little disappointing for those looking to do in-depth link building activities.

So, it’s clear that Ahrefs is, in general, a much better SEO tool than Mangools. But how much better?

Mangools’s “Standard” pricing plan is half the rate of the Ahrefs “Beginner” strategy.

I do not believe the tradeoff in cost is worth the switch. I would much rather pay 2x more for a 10x better tool, which is why I gladly subscribe to Ahrefs every month.

It’s ultimately your call. You can make do Mangools if you’re on an incredibly tight spending plan. If you can afford 100 dollars a month, I advise going with a tool like Seotagg, Ahrefs, or SEMrush.


Moz Pro Right here it goes. Moz Pro isn’t a lousy SEO tool. However, for me, it’s just not at the same level as Ahrefs and SEMrush.

The primary concern with Moz Pro is that its functions have not stayed up to date. In contrast, the competition has grown and deployed new features.

While Ahrefs and SEMrush are continuously presenting enhancements, Moz Pro has just shown one current function enhancement: their keyword tool referred to as “Keyword Explorer.”

True, Moz’s keyword tool is excellent. And it’s specifically proficient at creating long-tail keyword recommendations. But, I can state the very same thing about Ahrefs and SEMrush.

How Moz Pro Compares to Ahrefs

I just recently put a lot of the leading backlink checkers to the test.

And we discovered that Moz was really on the same level as the other tools. Both in regards to findings links rapidly. And the overall variety of backlinks in its index.

The primary concern with Moz Pro is that they charge $99/month. And in my viewpoint, you’ll get far more from that financial investment with SEMrush or Ahrefs.


Our last tool when looking at Ahrefs is Serpstat.

Serpstat is sold as an “All-in-One SEO platform.”

And it mainly lives up to that description. Serpstat has the functions you would anticipate from an SEO software application suite, like backlink analysis, natural rankings reports, and more.

That stated I’m not exactly sure if the functions themselves are all that terrific.

When I look at the leading SEO keywords report, my leading three keywords are different from what Ahrefs suggests.

I certainly do not anticipate this report to be 100% precise. You’d require my Google Analytics for that. These numbers are method off.

That stated it’s “Backlink Control panel” is respectable. I utilized it to examine my backlink profile. And it discovered a similar profile to Ahrefs.

Serpstat has a lot of the same functions as Ahrefs. However, I do not believe any of them are as great as Ahrefs.

My natural keywords report in Ahrefs is much more precise than Serpstat.

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