What’s The Importance of AI in SEO + 9 Best AI SEO Software

What’s common amongst the following items?

  • Self-driving cars
  • Email spam filters
  • Financial fraud prevention software
  • Search engines

These are just some of the examples of AI in our everyday life. Accept it or not, but AI is everywhere, and it is here to make our lives easier. 

The same applies to AI in SEO too. There are several use cases where AI has been implemented. Let us explore more about AI in SEO in this blog post.

What do we mean by AI in SEO?

AI in SEO helps you create content, optimize existing content, and give relevant SEO-based suggestions to improve your ranking. The main goal of AI in SEO is to help marketers, and business owners rank their website on the top positions on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

I get asked about the role of AI in SEO quite often when talking to my clients.

Is there an example of AI in an everyday scenario?

For a moment, let’s move away from AI in SEO and take a look at AI in our daily life. First, of course, you must’ve heard about voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri. We’re sure you’d have used a voice assistant at least once to date.

These voice assistants use the power of AI and NLP to understand your query and bring back a result. For example, every time you say something to Alexa, it records your voice and sends it to a data processing center. This data processing center breaks down your query, understands it, collects the result, and sends it back to your device.

But how is this an example of AI in real life?

Alexa receives millions of search queries each month. Powerful algorithms use all these queries to improve the accuracy of Alexa. It uses AI to decode all this data and understand its mistakes. The more Alexa understands, the more accurate its results are. 

In that sense, Alexa has a brain of its own and learns from these search queries. Sure, many engineers are working in the backend, but this immense growth wouldn’t have been possible without the power of AI.

This is precisely why Amazon’s Alexa is one of the best examples of AI in everyday use.

Why is AI SEO important for your growth?

Now, let’s jump back into SEO and understand how AI plays a vital role in it.

AI in SEO is all about making the lives of marketers and website owners easy. 

But, how? 

Let’s explore that in this section.

Understand the intent of the user’s search query

Understanding user intent is a crucial aspect of SEO. It helps you create content that answers the question the user is asking for.

For example, let’s consider two search queries

  1. Red apple fruit
  2. Red apple fruit online

When a user types “Red apple fruit” in the search query, his/her intent could be anything. It could be to read and understand the history of the red apple. Or maybe it’s a school kid looking up a red apple for one of his/her school projects.

The intent could be anything, and it’s pretty challenging to be on point. So the search engine serves up a generic page that talks about the red apple and its types.

Let’s assume that the user types in the second keyword, “Red apple fruit online.”

It becomes clear that the user is looking to buy red apples online. Unfortunately, creating a blog post for this search query can be disastrous, and it will never rank on any of the first few SERPs.

This is where an AI SEO tool can help you. It will scan through the top pages of a Google SERP and tell you what you need to create for that particular search query.

  • Should it be a landing page, a product feature page, or a blog post?
  • Or should it be an e-commerce site page?

A dedicated AI SEO tool will help you understand the original search intent behind each keyword variation. 

Mastering the search intent may seem like a no-brainer for just two keywords. But think about an SEO professional who handles hundreds of web pages. A tool will make his/her life easier and help produce better results over time.

Create content to serve the right intent

Once you have identified the right intent for each search query, you need to create content for it. An AI-based SEO tool will also help you create content that exactly matches the intent behind these keywords.

AI-based SEO tools like Copy.ai can help you create content for specific keywords, intents, and search queries.

It can help you create everything from short copies for headlines or your social media taglines. While it doesn’t help you create full-length blog posts or landing pages, it’s safe to say that we’re gradually getting there.

With the power of AI, you can create Ad copies, product descriptions, sales copies, and small parts of your website copy. Unfortunately, there is speculation that AI can pose a high risk to millions of copywriters and marketers out there

But will AI ever beat the power of human creativity? 

We’ll have to let time answer that question.

Fill gaps in your SEO and content strategy

While some AI SEO tools help you create content, some will help you fill gaps in your content. For example, tools like Frase.io will help you optimize existing content for SERPs. In addition, it gives you cues to grab ranking opportunities you might have missed.

SEO experts, writers, and content marketers understand the importance of optimizing search engines. However, they know how difficult it is to ensure that your content answers all the questions from the user’s perspective.

AI SEO tools like Frase.io can save hundreds of hours for content creators and marketers. It helps them save time in optimizing content for search engines. This allows them to spend their time on other high productivity tasks like creating more content.

They give you information about the current state of your website.

AI-based SEO tools can also give you automated updates about your website and how it is currently performing. These applications will send you updates through email or any other specific communication channel that you prefer.

It helps you identify your current ranking among competitors, the health of your website, and other technical SEO factors of your website. This will help you identify core problems in your website and tend to them before they spiral out of control. They can also give you new strategies to improve your website’s user experience.

9 AI-based SEO tools that can make life easy for you

We understood how AI SEO tools could help you in the last section. So, in this section, let’s look at the top 9 SEO tools in the market.


SEOTAGG is a tool that gives the power back to SEO managers, writers, and content marketers. It takes all the guesswork out of creating SEO-optimized content at scale. SEOTAGG is a dedicated AI platform for anyone looking to step up their content marketing game.

Here are five ways in which this AI tool will help content marketers create content at scale.

  1. AI-powered research tool to help you find content opportunities 
  2. AI-powered NLP tool that enables you to create content first drafts in seconds
  3. Collaborative editor to guide you through each step of the writing process
  4. Multiple integrations to help you publish your content on your favorite CMS platforms
  5. Search console integrations to help you build a solid off-page strategy for all your content pieces

This is the complete tool for SEO content marketers looking to jumpstart their content game. From research to writing and off-page strategies, SEOTAGG can help you do all that.


BrightEdge is an AI SEO tool designed to solve your SEO-related queries with a real-time research model. SEO experts have long struggled with outdated reports and old data. BrightEdge aims to solve this problem with real-time research and recommendation platform.

Here’s how BrightEdge explains the working of their AI SEO tool on their platform

BrightEdge Instant is a game-changer and the first-ever, real-time SEO solution on the market. Now you can optimize at the speed of search, understand the customer experience as it’s happening, improve workflow and operational efficiency, optimize in real-time, and discover in-the-moment opportunities as they arise. BrightEdge Instant is an all-in-one workflow for real-time research, rankings, and recommendations.”

Grabbing those opportunities in real-time and as they appear is truly a game-changer for SEO managers and marketers. 


Marketbrew is an AI SEO tool that helps you predict your search engine ranking months before your website ranks on a SERP.

But how does it do that?

Marketbrew uses a machine-learning algorithm to mimic the ranking factors followed by Google. Although no one still completely understands how Google ranks a web page, we have clues and information bits.

We know that the following factors play a significant role in your rankings

  • Backlinks
  • Content quality
  • User experience
  • Page loading speed

However, we have no clue about all the other million ranking factors used by Google and other search engines out there. 

Marketbrew solves this problem by creating a predictable model of existing search engines. This model is continuously iterated and changes based on the various changes in the search engines. This gives you clues about how your website will rank in the coming days.

If you update your website and submit it to Marketbrew’s portal, it will tell you where it’ll rank in the coming months.

With this game-changing insight, you can optimize your website in the right way. Think about all the guesswork this AI SEO tool will take out of your life. 


As we’ve already mentioned above, Frase is a tool that helps you optimize your content for SERPs at scale.

This AI-based tool can help you maximize the reach of your content through the following methods

  1. Automated content briefs to help you maximize content creation
  2. Workflows to optimize your content for search engines
  3. Pre-made templates to create a content strategy

Frase can also help you create answers for your sales and support queries. AI powers all this, and it allows you to scale your content efforts with a small team.


Hubspot is a CRM as well as a full-fledged CMS tool. In recent times, they have also ventured into using AI in their CMS tool.

Their AI SEO tool can help you optimize content and help it rank higher on the SERPs. Here are the top two ways in which HubSpot’s AI can help you:

  1. Adaptive testing – This helps you A/B test different versions of your page against each other. The AI automatically splits the traffic between all the variants to find their conversion rates. Once it finds out a winner (the page with the highest conversion rate), it’ll automatically divert all the traffic to that version of the page.
  1. SEO suggestions – The AI SEO tool also churns out topic suggestions based on the content you’ve already written on your website. The more content you create, the more topic suggestions you will receive overtime.

Can I Rank?

Can I Rank is an AI SEO tool that allows you to rank your pages faster on search engines. It follows a data-driven mechanism to help you find the changes that will bring the most value. 

With tons of premium SEO tools like Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, and SemRush, acquiring data is not a problem anymore. If anything, we have more data than we’ll ever require. All this data causes “analysis paralysis” in the lives of busy SEO professionals and digital marketers.

Can I Rank provides the solution for this? It acquires all this data and automates everything from keyword research to monitoring. Moreover, their advanced AI doesn’t just tell you what to focus on; it also explains why you need to focus on a specific topic.

It automatically monitors changes in any rankings and informs you about them. 

Finally, it also converts all the data into specific tasks. So the next time you want to create a piece of content, Can I Rank will provide you with many tasks to get it done.

Pave AI

All serious marketers use Google Analytics and praise it for its incredible tracking abilities. It gives you the ability to track user analytics on so many different levels. But there’s a problem with this incredibly powerful tool – it has way too many data points.

Marketers struggle to consolidate all this data and gain insightful information from it. This is precisely where an AI SEO tool like Pave AI comes into play.

Pave AI turns your analytics data into information using AI. For example, take a look at the example given in the screenshot.

Let’s assume that you’ve written a blog post and you’re getting 1000 visitors to it each month. You know that 20% of all these readers convert into customers. But you have no clue about their demographics or other details.

Pave AI can take this data and break it down for you into chunks of consumable information. This example shows that 43% of all traffic consists of 23-34-year-old males, but only 6% of them contributed to total leads. With this information, you can understand that although this population is good to bring in traffic, they are not suitable for sales.

This can help you rethink your content strategy and create content that’s well suited to the needs of your ideal buyers. Think about all the time and money you can save this way.

Word AI

We’ve seen a bunch of tools that will help you optimize and create content. But Word AI is a tool that allows you to rewrite existing content. It uses an AI software that automatically rewrites the content you submit to its portal.

Here’s an example from Word AI’s website.

Original sentence submitted to Word AI: Nobody has been arrested by the police officers, but the suspect is being interrogated by them.

Rewritten sentence by Word AI: Law enforcement are interrogating the defendant, although they have not detained anybody.

Just like the human brain, Word AI uses a similar concept to learn about the English language. It uses something called a deep highway network to learn the English language from scratch. According to their website, this learning method helps Word AI read, understand, and write text the same way humans would do.

Word AI doesn’t just replace words in a sentence. Instead, it reads and understands the sentence. It understands the relationship between each word and how they come together to form a sentence. It then rewrites the sentence from scratch without losing the original meaning.

This AI SEO software rewrites sentences in such a terrific way that even Copyscape cannot find the similarity between the original and rewritten content.


MarketMuse is an AI SEO tool that allows you to create content strategies with high ROI. It can also help you plan your content, research your competitors and create content that will outrank them.

One of their key selling points is to bring predictability to their content. MarketMuse’s primary goal is to help you create content that will outrank competing websites. However, this AI SEO tool can also help you strategically plan your content with machine-generated first drafts.

With this tool by your side, you can focus on distributing and promoting your content to increase its reach. In addition, you can use your time to repurpose content for multiple platforms using free graphic design software

MarketMuse’s AI tool is a godsend for SEO analysts, content strategists, and marketers looking to build cluster topic pages. It can help you strategically build up topic clusters and slowly outrank your competitors with the power of interlinking.


These AI tools do not promise to predict your rankings to 100% accuracy, Nor do they promise to write full blog posts from scratch. But you can say that these tools are slowly getting there. 

AI in SEO is here to stay and will genuinely change the way marketers look at SEO. 

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