Bing SEO – Google vs Bing – Which Is Best For SEO?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind whenever we are searching for something online?

Yeah, you got it right. It’s Google.

There are many more search engines in the space like Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Yandex, and CC Search.

Quick Facts:

  • Google can generate more than 3.5 billion searches every day.
  • Bing controls 2.73% of the search market – Statcounter.
  • According to Statista, monthly global visitors on across the world are 12 billion.
  • In 2014, 89% of Google’s revenue was from Google Advertisements.
  • Shopping ads on Bing have a 45% higher CTR than Google.

In this post, we will be discussing everything about Bing V/S Google and a few important reasons why we should go with Bing as well.


Google VS Bing – Technical SEO

An experienced SEO agency and SEO person should know everything about technical SEO and perform the task. Because Bing and Google both use different working and technical SEO tactics, that’s why whenever we are ranking websites on Google and Bing, we have to use their respective methods.

Now, Google examines the context of keywords along with the keywords themselves, while on the other hand, Bing examines the primary keyword as a part of their technical SEO work.

Users would notice that Bing offers higher preferences to the websites that use photos and videos than Google. If you are using such multimedia options on your website on Bing, it will be easier for you to rank it.

Ranking With EMD – Google VS Bing

Google is continuously giving priority to those websites that provide relevant information and services. On the other hand, Bing is still focused on EMD or Exact match domain. You can see the following image where Bing is still showing EMD websites in their search results, but Google has filtered them.

Note – Having EMD doesn’t mean you cannot rank on Google. Google does not give too much priority as much as Bing.


Page Authority

Google has changed a lot in the last decade. Google has confirmed that backlinks are one of the most crucial ranking factors. In comparison, Bing focuses on Domain age. Hence, it is pretty hard for a new website to get a higher rank on Bing.

In short, having an old domain with keywords is a golden opportunity for one to get ranking on Bing.


Social Media – Is It Ranking Factor?

Social media is not a ranking factor for Google. No matter how many subscribers or followers you have, if they do not share or retweet your posts, it is useless. Google filed a patent to check fake social media accounts. However, Bing gives ranking on popularity and sharing on social media.


Meta Keywords

In the year 2009, Google has announced that Meta-keywords are no more ranking factor, but Bing uses them to examine spam signal. 


How Good Is Bing?

Sometimes we think that the search we are making is from Google only, but there are chances that you probably use Bing already.

1 – Half of The US Population Does Their Searches Through Bing: In research, it was found that half of the US population uses the Bing network for making online searches instead of Google. Although there are several reasons behind it, some usually prefer using the Bing network while on the other hand, some users have web browsers that directly do searches through Bing.

There are several operations in their systems that use a bi-searchual network, which means if sometimes a single search network is available for searching, how the searches through Bing gets carried forward.


2 – Billion of Windows Devices Are Using Bing Search: You all must be aware of Microsoft Windows, and if you are using a Windows device, then there are huge chances that all your searches are being shown to you through the Bing network.

As you might have noticed, under the search section and Windows settings, they put Bing Network as a search engine by default. Hence that’s the reason almost every windows device user search through the Bing network.

Moreover, if you know this setting and want to make changes, you can move to the search settings and change the default selection to Google. There are currently more than 1.5 billion devices that are using this default setting of the Bing network. Hence that’s the reason you might not be aware of it, but you are using Bing for searching online.


3 – Various Microsoft Products Use Bing Network: Several Microsoft products use the Bing network. Some of those products, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer on Microsoft devices. Whenever you visit these products for the first time, their search engines will default on the Bing network.

There are many more such products such as Microsoft Office, outlook, work, skype, and more. All these products also use the Bing network for carrying forward the searches.

Although no Xbox user might have ever thought about it, whenever they pause their games to search for something through their Xbox console, they are searching through the Bing network, and there are more than 65 million active users of Xbox.


4 – Cortana and Alexa: If you are doing any voice search through Cortana and Alexa, always remember that Bing powers it. Moreover, there are no such methods with the help of which you can change this default setting for Bing network to Google search engine.


5 – Search Engines In Partnership With Bing: Several search engines are in partnership with Bing, such as MSN, Lycos,,, and more. If you are using any of the mentioned search engines, you are also using the Bing network to make online searches.


6 – Bing Offers Popular Ecommerce Placements: Microsoft is a company that has partnered with several eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, OfferUp, and GumTree. Hence that’s the reason all the search results are provided to these companies through the Bing network.


7 – More Number of People Use The Bing Network On Their Work Pcs: Research figured out that more Work PCs use the Bing network for online searches. Those who will work always prefer to search through this network, as it offers a better and a different demographic than the Google search engine.


Why Should I Go With Bing?

There are several reasons that state we should consider Bing as our search engine under various conditions. Let us have a look at all those reasons where Bing would be able to perfect better, hence can provide you better services:


#1. You are all aware of the Google search engine’s working process, the page rank method. While with the Bing network, users can take advantage of results that offer more context to the real world.

That’s the reason with Bing search engine you can get better demographics as compared to Google.


#2. Bing offers you better video searchability, as it gives you a grid of large thumbnails with the help of which you can easily search for the right video and watch it efficiently. In some cases, it can even offer you a preview under the hover view.


#3. Bing offers you a search based rewarding system known as Bing Rewards. You can go for this service to get points for every search you make through the Bing search engine.

Hence after reaching a certain number of points, you would be able to redeem a gift card based on those points.


#4. If you are doing a site-specific search on Bing, you will get knowledge graph information that offers better context to your inquiries.


#5. Bing offers various smart search options like movie showtime, unit conversions, weather information, and many more.

It even offers you information about famous people, why today’s date is essential and others.

Although there are many more such reasons, you should be considering Bing as your search engine option. With the help of Bing, you get better real-time knowledge-based results with a greater context.

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