Explained: HTTPS is invalid and might prevent it from being indexed

So I’ve been seeing a strange Search Console error pop up on some new pieces of content I’ve been publishing and indexing this week.

The error is HTTPS is invalid and might prevent it from being indexed.

But the most alarming part is that it looks like a pretty severe error that might affect rankings.

A pretty scary error, hey?

But having done some digging, it seems that this error has confused a number of SEOs, such as myself.

The report doesn’t necessarily mean a dangerous issue in most cases. And as John Mueller Tweeted, the search team will look at improving the UI, not to alarm SEOs.

What does the HTTPS is invalid error actually mean?

The error doesn’t mean that Google won’t index the URL in question. 

It means that Google has never seen the URL. It also could mean that Google is temporarily indexing the HTTP version.

According to Google, this isn’t an error to worry about, and in most cases, it will go away once Google correctly indexes the URL.

If you’re seeing pages not being indexed, it’s much more likely to be a quality issue.

You can read more about the error here and here.

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