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Last Updated on October 30, 2020

You may have heard this a thousand times that a video can boost your page’s SEO rankings. This is simply because videos have become an essential element for any website that wants to rank well on search engines like Google. So if you don’t have a video for your website yet, then it is high time that you get one made right away.

Now SERPs are ranking videos as well, and many times, they are on the very top. The main reason for this? If made right, Videos can be the most comfortable form of relaying the right kind of content to the user. Videos are engaging and entertaining, so they have a higher chance of getting the user’s attention. If something is valuable to the user, Google is bound to prioritize it, and that’s precisely what it did.¬†

In recent years, Google’s algorithms have become friendlier to video content. Most of the keyword rankings are a significant reflection of that. So what would it take for you to get your video ranked on the SERPs? Is just getting a video made enough, or are there any other elements you need to take care of?¬†

In this article, we’ll demystify the exact factors that can help you get your video ranked on the SERPs in no time at all.

Tips To Get Your Videos Ranked Well On Google

Focus On The Quality Of Content

When it comes to SEO and rankings, Google will only favor the content that gives the best experience to the users; therefore, it is essential to know that your video content’s quality should be top-tier. A high-quality video that people like watching is most likely to be shared on the internet. Most brands opt for the professional way to get their videos to serve this exact purpose. The recent rise of specialized demo video, corporate video, branding video, and¬†explainer video production companies¬†is a testament to this fact.¬†

In this way more and more people will watch it. On the other hand, if people watch your videos till the end, then the time spent watching it will increase the time users spend on your site, thereby giving a positive indication to Google that your site is user friendly.

Use Relevant Keywords In The Video Title

It doesn’t matter how useful or relevant your video is; if you don’t use the right keywords in the title to define it, Google’s algorithms would not recognize the video as the relevant content for users’ queries. Therefore, just like any other content on your page, videos also require fair use of keywords to get ranked.¬†

Now you don’t necessarily have to stuff your video title with keywords, even one relevant keyword related to the topic in your title will do the job.

Use Relevant Keywords In The Metadata 

Video metadata refers to a piece of data used in the video title, description, subtitles, tags, etc. To rank your video on Google, it is essential to use relevant keywords in your video’s metadata. This is because Google has to read this content to ascertain its relevance.

Add A Transcript

As mentioned above, Google needs content to read on a page to determine its relevance for the users. If you add videos on an empty page without a transcript, do not hope for it to work at all. Therefore you need to add a transcript and a brief introduction of the video alongside the video itself. This is especially helpful when it comes to optimizing your video for Google algorithms.

The Length Of Your Video Should Be Relevant

Google favors content that generally has an average word count of above 1000 words. However, this isn’t the same for video content. Your video’s length can be crucial towards its success.

The biggest reason people watch videos is to acquire more information engagingly within a brief time. Even if your video is rich in information and its length is around 15 minutes, the audience is more likely to leave it without watching. The ideal length of most effective videos is usually about 2 minutes.

Try Using Compelling Thumbnails 

To make your audience watch your video, you first have to attract them towards it. And that is precisely what thumbnails do. Even though Google can manage to make thumbnails for your video itself, it is still quite beneficial to set them yourself. Since the thumbnails are the first impression of your video for the users, it is crucial to keep them as compelling as possible.


If your content has lots of websites linked to it, Google will see it as authoritative and relevant. Therefore, building backlinks could be the best thing one can practice when it comes to Google Rankings and SEO. Even though you’ll have to invest quite some time for this, but if you want your video to go up in rankings, then acquiring backlinks to your video could the best thing you could do.

Submit A Video Sitemap 

To get your video ranked well on Google, you’ll first have to make Google find it. The most effective approach for that is to submit a video sitemap to Google. Even though Google can find videos on your website, it takes time. Therefore, offering a video sitemap to Google will enable it to find videos on your website without the need to visit every page on it.

Share The Video On Social Media

When it comes to making your video viral, social media could be the perfect pick. Social media platforms like Instagram has more than one billion active users. If your audience loves your video, they will most likely share it on their social media, where more people could watch it.

Create A Playlist

If your audience loves your video, they will want to watch more videos with similar content. If they don’t find it, they are most likely to look for it on other websites. Adding a playlist with related content is a great SEO practice. It will enable your audience to watch more videos related to the specific topic.

Making a killer video that acquires top rankings on Google is indeed a daunting task. By practicing these tips thoroughly, as mentioned earlier, you can quickly get your videos ranked well on search engines like Google and Bing. 

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