Is Content Marketing Right for My Business?


Last Updated on June 17, 2021

Most of us have heard the evergreen phrase “Content is king“. This is right because, in earlier days, content marketing used to be a way to set yourself apart from your competitors. Still, it has become one of the best SEO tactics to get editorial¬†quality backlinks, which is the most important part of SEO to get your website ranked higher on Google.

There is plenty of valuable and relevant content behind every successful brand that connects the company with its targeted audience. 

But still, you may be wondering that “What is Content Marketing & Is it Right for My Business”? So, in this interesting article, you will quickly get a better understanding of all these queries.


What Exactly Is Content Marketing? 

Content marketing is the marketing and business process of creating & distributing valuable content to attract a clearly defined target audience to drive more profitable customer action.

If you analyze this definition, there are a few interesting things you will understand:

  1. The goal is to attract by the content you create, it should act as a magnet to attract your audience. By creating interesting & valuable content, your business will begin drawing potential leads.
  2. It requires a clearly defined target audience, but this definition clarifies that you must bring the right audience. To do this, you must establish who your target audience is. The more specific you can make your target, the more chances to gain profit.

Stats About Content Marketing Everyone Should Know

In the marketing world, trust is a key factor. So before moving further, I would like to enlighten you from some well-researched stats of content marketing done by the experts that will increase the trust about content marketing:

  • 70% of content marketers are generating more content than they did a year ago
  • 57% of organizations now have more than two people devoted to content marketing
  • 93% of B2B marketers are doing content marketing
  • 57% of the buying decision is made before potential customers are willing to talk to a sales agent


Why Content Marketing Matters Now More than Ever?

By using organic content on your website, you build a healthy & strong web presence. Therefore your organic content instructs search engines that your webpage is legitimate & this will help you in increasing your ranking in search results.

Top 3 ways how organic content can help your business going:


Content Drives Traffic

Blogs and landing pages on websites will rank higher in search results if they follow off-page & on-page SEO best practices like target keyword-optimized content, high word count, original content & well-designed site pages with eye-catching images.

According to research, 80-90% of clicks in search engines are on the first result page of the searched query. So, the ranking is beneficial for driving traffic to your site.

Also, content is a great way to make people aware of your brand. Therefore to drive more and more traffic to your website, your content must be helpful and beneficial to your audience.


Content Generates Leads

Once you start getting traffic on your website through organic searches, then you have an excellent opportunity to turn them into leads. You can offer them a discount code in exchange for their email address. This lead will help you in the future.  

After obtaining the contact mode, you can send them an email very quickly. Still, in that email, you must push them into the consideration phase, where you offer them solid reasons for the value of your product or service so that this method will give you a lead to your sales at a very high rate.


Content Maintains Audience Awareness

Despite whether your business can operate in the current crisis, content marketing is one of the most reliable ways to maintain a connection with your existing customer and possibly new customers. It’s crucial to stay present with your audience throughout the crisis & you can achieve that platform by giving them desired content.


Cost of Content Marketing 

One of my favorite reasons for loving content marketing is that it is very cost-efficient. You can spend as little and as much amount you want. It all depends on how much time you can invest in it.

 In fact, according to the (CMI) Content Marketing Institute, content marketing costs 62% less than any other marketing and makes more than three times as many leads.

And on the other hand, if you don’t have time to create content, then you can hire a writer or content marketer to take over that part for your benefit. Writers may cost you¬†$.05 to $.25 per word¬†according to their experience and their skillset.¬†

There are more paid advertising methods to promote your brand, but they will cost you a lot. For example- PPC (pay per click), display and native ads, and paid influencers. I don’t pay much attention to these methods because I love to attract traffic organically.


ROI of Content Marketing: What to Expect 

Let me make you aware of the truth that content marketing is a long-term strategy. Moz itself believes that it could take at least up to six months to get accurate results to form your efforts. This time-span is also known as the “Gap of Disappointment”.

Google may take months to react to the changes you have made, and your visitors may not notice your content until you have created up a large stock of great-quality articles. So, try to be patient to obtain the desired ROI for your content marketing. 

Here are four common ways to measure the ROI for content marketing:

Consumption Metrics- These metrics include time spent on site, unique visits, bounce rate, or the percentage of people who leave your site after looking at just one page & the number of downloads of your email-gated content or ebooks

Sales- This metric is pretty simple. It is the number of sales your business has made since entering the content marketing campaign. You will want to look at your growth rates or the number of people who agree on a sale after carefully considering it.

Lead Generation-¬†Content marketing campaigns can generate leads from possible customers, which ask for people’s connection information. You can get a follow-up on this information later and push a potential sale. You should also track both your total number of leads and those generated directly by content marketing pieces.

Sharing- Social media is an integral part of content marketing because it exposes your company to a new audience. Therefore sharing on social media is not difficult to track, but it can be challenging to place a value worth a dollar. Once you have provided valuable content for the audience, it can make ROI from sharing.


Is Content Marketing Right for Your Business?     

 Before I give my opinion about this query, you must have to answer some questions like:

  • Are you ready to present precious & informational content to your audience?
  • Are you prepared to stick with it for the long term?
  • Can you spend at least six hours every week to create content & for its marketing or the money to hire someone to do it for you?

If you said “NO” to any of these questions, I suggest that you not start content marketing.¬†

But if your answer is “YES” to all of them, then content marketing is 100% right for your business & you should start it as soon as possible with the help of proper strategies to gain the sales rate in your business.


Final Thought

In these last words, I would like to say that content marketing helps you boost visibility and helps you build stronger relationships with your customers & leads. You must also work on developing a content marketing strategy that will attract your target buyers. You are then on your way to success by creating valuable content that will help boost conversions rate and improve customer retention. So, If you want to see the importance of content marketing in action, it’s time to get started.

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