25 Magnificent Social Media Content Ideas For Brands


Last Updated on June 17, 2021

Quality content attracts more audiences and increases vast engagement. It creates curiosity in your audience about what you would upload next and may turn into a customer.

Here are the multiple ideas to bring social media content more quality for brands. Let’s jump in.


Video Content

You will miss out on a vast amount of traffic if you are not posting videos on your social platforms. You could share video content on any of your platforms, but it is perfect for posting video content directly on Twitter and Facebook to gain more engagement. You can work with short-term video content on TikTok to reach Z generations.


Live Video Content

Additionally, you can use live videos on your platforms. Most people show interest in watching a live video rather than reading blog posts. It’s a perfect idea to conduct press conferences or launch events. You can also discuss your new products with your audience through Twitter live or Facebook live.


Blog Posts And Articles

Share articles on your social platforms if you have any company blog with a direct link. If you are uploading content to the Instagram feed, direct your audience to click a link in your bio section. You could utilize the swipe-up feature to upload to Instagram stories(for this, you need to have above 10K followers). 


BTS(Behind The Scenes)

Your social fans are more interested in getting what you do in bringing your product so good. So share behind-the-scenes video content of your product manufacturing, your employee’s work skills, etc. It increases your brand trust with your audience.


Giveaways And Contests

Through conducting giveaways and contests, you can reward your fans and get new followers. Develop engagement rate by commenting on a post or provide eligibility criteria for the entry. This content idea is the perfect way to promote your services and new products.


Influencer Posts

Join hands with influencers who are well set for your brand, and let them share content on your social platforms and theirs too. It leads to bringing you new followers and more customers. Choose an influencer accurately by monitoring their engagement and followers rate. 



Simple moving pictures, otherwise known as GIFs, are the famous communicating signal on social platforms. It’s a fun way to bring content to strike or to share the fun with the content. Twitter and Facebook have an internal GIFs search library that helps you to get perfect GIFs. 



Animations included in social media factors of both videos and GIFs. Animated video content is the best way to promote your brand products when you don’t have enough money to make HQ videos featuring popular actors. It’s the only way to share the contents more than a time. 


Product Pictures

Get new ways and acquire unique trends to share your product pictures online. It should be more attractive and memorable than a simple image at an online store. Get your products in a place, photograph them with attractive backgrounds, or show products innovatively.


UGC(User Generated Content)

If you find out that your users upload content with your product mentions or with your product image, outreach them and ask them to upload it again by mentioning your brand. And also, you should share it with your account(stories or feed). It’s a perfect way to appreciate your customers and to enlarge your posts on social media platforms.


Instagram Story Content

If you use Instagram, don’t forget about its story section. It is a notable feature on Instagram, with over 550 million story posts uploading every day. You can add texts, smileys, GIFs, and more metrics to your story brand content that acquire more IG story views with gaining constant followers within a short time. You could also share your feeds, reels, IGTV on Instagram stories and help in getting more fans.


Interesting Quotes

Quotes are the primary content idea to highlight your blog posts or article’s parts. Most people use it to share insights, advice, and tips from your company’s key people. These contents are more famous on Pinterest and Instagram, but they will be more effective in any network with stunning visuals.


Guest Takeover Content

It’s like uploading influencer content with a great twist. Pick someone, an employee, an industry, an influencer, and bring a guest takeover moment with your social media platforms. They will pick content for a particular time, maybe a week or a day. It gains more trust in your brand with your audience and a new way to increase your follower’s rate.


Industry News Content

Besides sharing your organization’s news on your social platforms, share updates and related articles about your brand industry. It works perfectly in LinkedIn and Twitter because here, people arrive to gather real news. These posts would enlarge your social media reach in a short time.


Infographic Content

Visual contents are the primary way to share information quickly. Infographics are vertical. It makes it more valuable for the social platform Pinterest, where its primary aspect is to have vertical images as per norm. 


Teasers And Previews

Raise the curiosity of your audience to know about your brand products. It might be your upcoming features screenshot, a few sentences about your next event, or stunning product images of the forthcoming developments. It brings more audience to your industry.


Meme Content

Memes are the most critical factor in social media platforms nowadays. Just like GIFs, memes help the industry social account appear fun and relevant. Please don’t upload any offensive information; understand clearly before uploading it on social media.


A Product Peek

It’s a great twist on product images. Rather than just showing product images or video contents, provide your fans a deeper look into your products, making them purchase quickly. Unboxing product video content is trending recently on YouTube. 


Customer Images

Search your user names and hashtags on the multiple social media networks your industry uses. You may have a chance of getting users by posting your brand product pictures. It’s a perfect way to wish your customers and share their posts to your feed or story on the platform to grab more audience.


Feedbacks Of Client

Spend more time on your client’s feedback and reviews. Give a reply to every feedback you received. Outreach to those clients asking for sharing the quotes in their feedback on your social media profiles. Also, provide some offers to your client’s feedback and transfer them to your social profiles. It is the perfect way to bring live customer interactions.



Engagements are the most critical term on every social media, and a great way to bring that is to outreach your fans with an open type of question(Yes or No). Question stickers on Instagram are an excellent idea to ask stunning questions to your followers. Then you could share your client’s answers in the Instagram story section too.


Tricks And Tips Content

If your service or product has any deeper learning or has any advice about your terms to share, bring those to your profiles on social media. From going live to pre-filmed video content, there are multiple ways to get this with stunning visuals. Consider the Instagram story section or TikTok for short-term video content if you need to mix up video content and images to bring your point. You could use the IGTV feature on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are superb options for long-term video content.


Blog Posts With Evergreen Content

Resharing evergreen content means if you have any old posts with high engagements, then reshare it again on the platform to get more views. If you share your older post link, you can recreate the older content as a new one. For instance, your older video content screenshot can be shared as an image post.


Event Contents

If you are conducting any workshop or party, events are a more obvious idea. But don’t forget that the Facebook event pages are only for sharing physical gatherings. You can upload a Facebook event for a perfect webinar, a forthcoming attractive sale, for example. 


Surveys And Polls

Every brand or business likes to ask their followers’ opinions on social networks through surveys and polls on social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram stories to engage more with their fans. Bring your surveys and polls in a fun and creative way. 



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