Can Social Media be an Effective Part of Your SEO Strategy?


Last Updated on September 13, 2021

How to Effectively Incorporate Social Media in your SEO Strategy

Given the changes in ranking factors, search engine algorithms, user behavior, and market preferences, it is necessary to revisit your SEO strategy at least once every year. After all, search engine marketing is not a one-size-fits-all strategy, and one has to stay on their toes to remain competitive. That being said, making use of creative digital marketing strategies, such as social media, can help you gain an edge and improve search visibility.


How Can Social Media Influence Search Engine Optimization?

While sharing and promoting links in social media posts cannot directly impact search engine rankings, it does help in engaging more users and potentially accessing a wider audience, which can then influence a brand’s reach. 

Here are three ways social media can help build an effective digital marketing strategy:

  1. Better brand recall, which influences reputation or authority
  2. Better visibility online, which drives organic traffic to your website
  3. Better distribution of content, which extends its circulation

Using social media platforms to promote your website content will not directly affect rankings, but having an audience that consistently likes, comments, and shares your posts across their social media accounts is a positive indicator. It effectively serves as a social signal that you are doing something right by providing value to many users. writes about increasing social signals, wherein social media strategies designed to build on engagement, such as creating valuable and entertaining content, can eventually impact your website’s search rankings. Having more visits through social media platforms, for example, can be the result of sharing valuable content with users.


The Potential of Positive Social Media Mentions on Search Engine Rankings

A form of social signal, social proof can be an effective SEO technique through the use of positive brand mentions. Neil Patel discusses this in-depth, including how you can make the most of brand mentions to improve your website’s SEO rankings. 

And how does social proof matter? Users will often rely on other users’ reviews, feedback, and criticism of a particular brand, business, or product, especially when faced with a decision. Virality is one example of social proof. As more and more users share and reshare a hilarious video on Facebook, it gains the traction to boost a brand’s visibility, effectively producing more mentions.

Google sees these brand mentions as positive signs of social proof in the form of an implied link. If more people are talking about your brand, the algorithm eventually perceives your website as naturally popular, which can help boost your SEO – despite social media not being a ranking factor.

Here are some content types you can utilize to drive traffic and generate social proof:

  • Useful on-page blog posts
  • Videos with engaging content (short videos for quick bites of entertainment or longer, documentary-type videos for informational storytelling)
  • Entertaining podcasts
  • Factual and well-designed infographics

Using these content marketing strategies effectively and distributing them via social media helps you reach your audience better and strengthen positive social signals.


How Can SEO Integrate Social Media as a Strategy?

As mentioned earlier, while social media is not considered a search engine ranking factor, it does influence the elements that can affect SEO. Sharing links through social media channels, for example, can help with the indexation of your blog posts, which can lead to more traffic, thus contributing to ranking better on SERPs.

Knowing how Google prioritizes quality links, boosting social signals can only improve your website’s visibility by driving more traffic to your blogs, which many consider being of valuable quality. At its core, try visualizing a chain of shares across a broad audience on social media and what this collective social signal is saying about your brand.

Google utilizes these social signals, which can also come in the form of backlinks and deem your website valuable to the user or searcher. That being said, integrating social media marketing into your SEO services will heavily rely on the production of high-quality content.


On Using the Right Social Media Platform for SEO

Social media continues to thrive as more people are going online, and for businesses, it has grown to become the primary tool people use to communicate. As opposed to heading straight to a brand’s website to address a concern, people will often engage a brand first by visiting their social media profiles. And consumers choose to do so because of three main reasons:

  • Quicker response times
  • It offers a more personal experience
  • It provides real-world insights about the brand and allows users to engage posts freely

Depending on the brand’s business profile, using the best social media platform can help with their SEO. Here is a list of the more popular social media sites you can leverage to fit your marketing strategies:

  • LinkedIn – effective for lead generation and accessing professional networks
  • Facebook – it’s the top social media platform that allows you to engage a massive audience
  • Twitter – effective for building social signals and brand recognition through extensive shareability
  • Pinterest – it functions as a search engine website as well, which allows you to utilize keyword strategies
  • Medium – helps you reach a wider audience through organic search and authoritative content publishing
  • Quora – as a query-driven social media website, you can capitalize on user search intent and drive traffic back to your website


How Can You Use Social Media Marketing in Your SEO Strategy?

As a digital marketer, aligning your social media marketing strategy with your SEO goals should be your first point of action. This enables you to create a seamless marketing strategy that complements each other’s objectives.

Here is a list of the best SEO and Social Media practices that you can use to create an effective digital marketing campaign:

  • As the adage goes, “Content is King,” so prioritize producing high-quality content on a relatively frequent scale. It helps to bear in mind that quality trumps quantity.
  • The Skyscraper Technique can help you produce shareable content. This involves taking inspiration from a high-performing content post and adding to it by making it better and more in-depth.
  • Update all pertinent information and optimize your brand’s social media profiles. Think of all the questions, concerns, or attitudes that your target audience will likely have towards your brand, and make sure to address these accordingly without letting your audience go through needles to find them.
  • Visuals are critical to SEO and social media marketing success, so always ensure that your images, photos, and graphics are optimized. A few ways you can do this is to use appropriate keywords in the alt text and title text, selecting the proper image format for better loading speed, and reducing the file size. Often, your target audience will want to see what your store, products or services, or even your team look like. So, using images in blogs and social media posts is a more efficient way to get a message across to your audience. 
  • Build stronger relationships with your customers by increasing opportunities for engagement. You can do this by crafting compelling social media captions and creating ways for your audience to interact with your posts. Tell a story, ask them questions, relate to their struggles, and respond to their comments. These simple actions, when done over time, will not only lead to stronger bonds between brand and consumer, but it can also open up more opportunities for positive brand mentions.
  • Quantify and analyze your social media activities because you’ll need to know if your efforts bear fruit. Without any measurable data or hard evidence, it can be challenging to evaluate if your strategies are genuinely effective.


So, Are You Ready to Incorporate Social Media in Your SEO Strategy?

Incorporating social media into an SEO strategy takes more than just setting up profiles on all available social networking sites and sharing posts – it requires a careful look into your buyer persona and understanding how your digital marketing strategies should be impacting your business goals. 

Knowing how social media and SEO are connected, despite the former’s absence as a search ranking factor, can help you develop the right techniques for marketing strategies to complement each other. Reach the first page of Google and claim the top spot by leveraging social proof by implementing the best social media-SEO practices on the right platforms.

It always helps to remember that even with the integration of social media marketing, SEO success doesn’t just happen overnight – it takes months of testing, performance monitoring and analyses, calculated calibrations, and careful execution to make it happen. Succinctly, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to digital, but staying competitive with the best online marketers out there is enough social proof that you’re doing something right.

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