The 5 Best Resources I Recommend To Beginner SEOs

The five resources that I recommend to people looking to get started with SEO

We all know the benefits of SEO and the impact and payoff it can have. But many people ask me where to start. I’ve had the same question from friends and family to colleagues. 

So as an SEO consultant, what do I tell them?

I’m over 15 years into my SEO career, and these are the five resources that I keep coming back to. These are the ones I recommend to people new to SEO.

Webmaster Guidelines by Google Search Console 

How can you succeed at something if you don’t know the rules of the game?

If you’re involved in SEO, you are living by Google’s rules, whether you like it or not. 

Luckily, Google has documented the rules of the SEO game.

I still come back to these rules, but in the early days of my SEO career, I would find myself on these pages all of the time. 

If you have any kind of penalty or negative SEO effect, it’s the reference you need.

Whiteboard Friday by Moz

This isn’t the first time you’ll come across Moz on your SEO journey.

This video series is a weekly take on a topic in SEO that’s broken down on a whiteboard. 

I remember the first time I saw one. It helped me to solve a problem with canonical tags.

You can go through their extensive archive to get your head around a load of technical and non-technical SEO issues and concepts.

It’s great for beginners looking to implement ideas.

SEO Twitter

The twitter SEO community is very active. It’s a great place for SEOs of all levels to understand the changes and trends facing the industry. 

It’s also very interactive, and you get involved by asking questions and replying to posts.

The link I gave there is one list, but you can find many more experts and niche-based SEOs that work best with your needs.

You’ll find invaluable information and tips that you’ll want to implement right away.

Ahrefs blog weekly newsletter

The reason I include this on this list is that I find myself always finding interesting prompts each week. 

I regularly use Ahfrefs in my SEO consulting work. So I may be biased. But the best part about this newsletter is that they regularly allow great guest contributors and recommend articles and content from other publications.

Being an email, you can let it sit in your inbox and digest it when you are ready.

It’s great for beginners because it will talk you through how SEO tools work and always use actionable examples.

SEO Started Guide by Google

Again we know that Google is the most used search engine by a considerable margin. 

So a good place for beginners to start is with their SEO starter guide.

This guide is comprehensive. It’s actionable. It’s got everything you need to get started optimising for search engines. 

And that’s it. These are the five resources that I deliver to those looking to get started with SEO.

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