Best WordPress Marketing Software In 2021


Last Updated on August 17, 2021

Marketing will always be an essential process in your online business. It is not enough to have your website or social profile developed and have a consistent stream of content. You also need to know how to advertise your products and services to reach your ideal audience. 

Fortunately, marketing is no longer as difficult as it used to be. There are now many tools that you can use to get your business in front of your ideal audience. Here are some tools that can help you promote your business. 


OSI Affiliate Software

On top of the list is OSI Affiliate Software. It is on top because it allows you to do one of the most comfortable but most effective marketing methods for your business – referral marketing. These days, it is no longer enough to have your business on social media or search engine rankings. What your customers say about business also matters. As much as possible, you’ll want your customers to talk positively about your business. But that can only happen if you give your customers a reason to do that. Having a referral program can significantly help you to get more people to talk about your business. By incentivizing your promotions, you give them a solid reason to advertise your products to their family and friends. The best part is that you can launch your referral program in just a few clicks. The tool is equipped with several templates that you can plug-and-play. 



One of the quickest ways to promote your business is to have a Facebook chatbot. It will automate most of your customer service inquiries so you can focus on other activities. SegMate can help you, especially if you don’t know how to code a chatbot from scratch. Drum Set Lab has seen tremendous success with this software.


Scratch Screen

Leads are valuable for any business. You’ll want as many people to know about your business and give them the decision on whether they should buy from you or not. More than converting them into customers, you’ll also want to get as many people to your website so that you can get more sales. Scratch Screen or S&S is a tool that can help you do that. Hunting Bow Lab uses it as their platform to create their online store and manage leads. 


Dentistreet Marketing Suite

Did you know that running a dental business online can result in more patients? Advertising works because it helps you reach your ideal audience through the online medium. It becomes more comfortable if you use a Dentistreet Marketing Suite tool because it allows your patients to book their appointments right from your website and give you reviews on the spot. Your business will run on autopilot with more people visiting your clinic due to your promotion with enough reviews.

It doesn’t help to launch a business without a plan. Planning may take some time and energy, but it is necessary so that you’ll know what you will be up against when you launch your business. takes the complications out of business planning by giving you ready-to-use templates that you can fill up according to your business details. It is also great if you are in charge of creating organizational documents for your company. 


SimplyCast 360

Engagement is essential for any business. You don’t want to be a mere provider of products and services. You’ll want to communicate with your target audience. As the audience now demands more interaction with brands, it is no longer optional. Fortunately, there is a tool called SimplyCast that can help you. The best part is it automates engagement for your platform. With it, you now have a tool that can help you engage with your audience and manage your content. You don’t even need to know coding to make it work. It is quite user-friendly. 



Curated content is the core of most businesses nowadays. So it helps to know how to curate content fast. Vestorly is your friend for this process. It will help you curate content with its intelligent content management feature, allowing it to research content on auto. It would help if you plugged in your topic, and the tool will analyze the information for you. It can do this with its smart artificial intelligence technology.



You’ll want to automate your marketing as much as possible. But that doesn’t mean that you should appear less human to your audience. You should still do it in a way where you can communicate to your customers and website visitors sufficiently. NotifyVisitors is a tool that can help you do this. 



If you want to run a business online successfully, you’ll want to be accessible to your audience as much as possible. So this means being present for them not only on chat or calls but also on mobile phones. But that doesn’t mean that you should only have a VOIP number; you also need to have a system that can help your text information to your audience. This is the purpose of TXTCoupons. It allows you to promote your products and services via text message. It can work every type of business and even work in obscure niches such as gas stations and gyms. The best part is that you can also launch contests through this platform. It would help if you asked your audience to plug in your keywords, and they can already sign up for your game or raffle. 


MorphyMail Email Marketer

Email marketing has always been a vital part of running an online business. It is not enough to track the traffic and sales of your business. It would help if you also created an audience that you can control. It is not enough that you are getting your audience from search engines or social media. You also need to get them on your email list. Fortunately, MorphyMail email marketing offers you a free way to promote your business. It is one of the few free email marketing tools in the market.

You don’t have to overcomplicate marketing on your WordPress website. There are so many tools that can help you in this area. What you found in this article are just some tools that you can use. There are plenty more in the market. It helps to start with an effective marketing strategy and look for a tool that can help you implement it. It is not advisable to grab the first tool that you see. You have to ensure that it will be useful for you. 


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