1000+ guest posting websites to grow your SEO

A comprehensive list for 2021 that includes over 1000 sites that accept guest post submissions. Comes with domain metrics and contact details to grow your organic traffic quickly.

guest post sites

Guest posting is one of the most effective ways to grow your search traffic

With this helpful database you can start securing guest post placements across a number of different niches.


Over 50 categories for the perfect guest post

The full list of guest posting websites contains everything you need to start pitching, securing and growing your search business.


Everything you need

A powerful a simple to use database that will help you grow your organic traffic by guest posting.

Key SEO metrics

Sort guest posting sites by key SEO metrics such as domain authority and traffic.

Contact details

Email info as well as links to pages that contain guest posting guidelines where available

Filter and search

Over 50 categories and other meta data to filter based on your guest posting needs.

Guest post categories

Here’s a preview of all of the categories that are included in the guest posting sites list.

  • Animals & Pets guest post sites
  • Arts and Entertainment guest post sites
  • Blogging, Entertainment, Lifestyle guest post sites
  • Books guest post sites
  • Business & Consumer Service guest post sites
  • Business, Finance & General Marketing guest post sites
  • Computers Electronics & Technology guest post sites
  • Dental guest post sites
  • Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media guest post sites
  • Education guest post sites
  • Family & Parenting guest post sites
  • Fashion guest post sites
  • Finance guest post sites
  • Food & Drink guest post sites
  • Games guest post sites
  • Health/Fitness guest post sites
  • Industry & Engineering guest post sites
  • History guest post sites
  • Hobbies & Leisure guest post sites
  • Home & Garden guest post sites
  • Human Resources guest post sites
  • Jobs guest post sites
  • Law & Politics guest post sites
  • Marketing guest post sites
  • Mental Health guest post sites
  • Military guest post sites
  • Music guest post sites
  • News & Media guest post sites
  • Photography guest post sites
  • Real Estate guest post sites
  • Relationships guest post sites
  • Religious guest post sites
  • Science & Education guest post sites
  • Social Media Marketing guest post sites
  • Sports guest post sites
  • Technology guest post sites
  • Travel & Tourism guest post sites
  • Vehicles guest post sites
  • Web Design guest post sites
  • Web Development guest post sites
  • Wedding guest post sites
  • Women guest post sites


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The format is in Notion where you can use the list without needing any kind of account. It can be easily exported into CSV format.ย 

We accept most common card payments as well as PayPal via Gumroad.

Yes. If you are unhappy please reach out to james@seotagg.com with and explanation of why you are not satisfied and I will refund you.ย 

What is guest posting? And how should I use this database?

Guest posting is a powerful way to build backlinks to your site and generate more organic search traffic to your site and business.

Guest posting is the process of writing articles for other websites. In these articles, you can carefully curate links back to your pages.

These links are one of the most important ranking factors for search engines like Google.

Many sites offer guest posts for writers, but it’s not always clear which sites accept them and how you can get in touch to arrange a guest post.

That’s where our 1000 guest posting sites database comes in.

It contains over 1000 sites across 50 categories that accept guest posts.

Each site contains a category, so you can ensure that you are posting guest posts on relevant sites for your niche.

It includes relevant SEO metrics to prioritize the sites that will help you move the SEO needle.

And it’s fully up to date with the contact details and guest post guidelines for each listing.

So all you have to do is reach out to the relevant sites, start writing guest posts, and watch your traffic skyrocket.


How to use this database:

Step 1 – go through the list and filter by the relevant categories.

Step 2 – add any filters to the metrics (you might want to only look for guest posts on DA50+, for example)

Step 3 – get the contact details and export including the metadata

Step 4 – use an outreach tool and set up a campaign to reach out to the sites on your list

Step 5 – be sure to personalize the outreach message. For example, you can use the category in the pitch – “I saw you have great Food & Drink content, and I thought I could add to it with some of my own expertise.”

Step 6 – send the campaigns in a drip manner and follow up with any responses right away.

Step 7 – arrange the guest post title and get confirmation from the webmaster to publish it along with some guidelines.

Step 8 – write the post, be sure to follow the guidelines and include the links back to your pages that you are trying to rank

Step 9 – send back, wait for it to be published and then enjoy as your traffic starts to grow!

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