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Technical SEO consulting

If you have the resources to implement technical SEO in your organisation we can consult with your team. We can work closely to build a technical SEO strategy and help to optimise your site for better results. We are fully versed in Javascript and other web languages.

Technical SEO auditing

We provide fully bespoke SEO audits for your site based on thousands of data points. This isn’t just repurposed audits from popular SEO tools. All our reports contain well-thought-out and personalised recommendations and improvements to the structure of your site.

Site architecture review

Sometimes it’s best to head back to the drawing board. The architecture of your site can have a big impact on how Goole understands the content on your site. This could be via a schema markup, internal linking changes, or other structural changes to URLs.

Website migration

Moving to a new domain, CMS or setup? We got you covered. Our technical team has successfully migrated many sites. We can implement a considered migration plan and ensure your sites don’t loose traffic.

Google penalty removal

If you’ve had a manual action or penalty on your site appear in Google search console we can help to fix this. These are generally something you can recover from. Let us help you get back on the right track.

Mobile SEO

The majority of searches now come from mobile. That’s why such a large part of technical SEO is about optimising for mobile. Our team is mobile-first, so we can ensure your site is fully mobile-friendly.

Why Choose SEOtagg?

I build powerful SEO strategies based on optimizing your site from a technical perspective. Let the optimization begin.

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Successful 10x growth
Gary Jones

Head of Marketing


The data-driven approach to SEO is really effective and we now rank highly for some very competitive keywords. I’d highly recommend working with James and the SEOtagg team.

Vicky James

Growth Manager


I worked with James on a number of projects over the last 5 years or so. He’s switched on and very hard working and delivers high-quality SEO results. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his agency.


What Is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the foundation of every successful SEO project – and it’s imperative that it’s done correctly from the beginning. 

Technical SEO usually includes a full audit of a website and other external off-page factors. 

It might also look at content and how this contributes to your website’s ranking.

A technical audit will identify what is limiting your website’s ability to rank is search engines. 

I always start my SEO clients off with some form of a technical audit. It’s the first thing we will optimize when we work together.

These audits include:

  • Optimizing the speed of your website
  • Ensuring your website works perfectly on mobile devices
  • Working carefully on your site structure, architecture and sitemap
  • Removing broken pages to reduce 404 errors
  • In some cases culling bad content
  • Looking into search console data to find opportunities and areas that need fixing
  • Looking at crawl budget and your sites indexability
  • On-page issues suchas bad title, meta or other lack of optimization

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Hi, I’m James and I’m a professional SEO consultant. I’m the founder of SEOtagg, and if you want help with local SEO then why not chat, or book a call with me?


Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more about local SEO?

These elements are a great opportunity to tell Google what your page is about. Therefore they are important for SEOs.


Google page speed is a great indicator of the general health of your website. A better page score generally means that Google will see your site as friendly, and more likely to rank it higher for local keywords.


Core web vitals is a set of metrics that aim to tell you how user-friendly your site is. Google uses these in its algorithm when ranking sites for a local query.


All sites should be using SSL and delivering content over HTTPS.


We have access to a number of different SEO tools for auditing purposes. We do use our own intuition alongside these tools to deliver a fully personalised technical SEO audit.


There’s no guaranteed best CMS for SEO. However, we use WordPress, and this is one of the most commonly used CMS on the web today.