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As a top-tier SEO consultant in London, SEOtagg Agency understands the unique dynamics of the B2B landscape. With over 15 years of experience, we’ve crafted Quantum SEO, a groundbreaking approach that dives deep into the core of your online presence, delivering unparalleled results for B2B companies

My cutting-edge SEO techniques deliver an over 90% success rate.

I have an extensive set of case studies that show that my strategy can deliver growth in both organic rankings and ROI-led revenue growth.

I’m obsessed with Search Engine Optimization, regularly keeping up with industry trends and attending conferences. All so I can ensure my agency brings you (my clients) more search traffic to your website.

Our SEO services drive tangible results


Local SEO

More of a local business? Our expert local SEO team can help you to get more local customers, sales and eyeballs on your community business.

Organic SEO

Grow your website search traffic and increase the number of quality leads to your site.

Platform-specific SEO

Using a specific platform that requires expert SEO knowledge? We got you covered. Let our agency get technical with your website’s platform.

Technical SEO

If you’re having anything from indexing issues to migration problems SEOtagg can help your business with vast technical SEO experience.

SEO training

I can help your organization inprove its in-house SEO with fully bespoke SEO training.


I help B2B businesses generate huge increases in recurring revenue through SEO and content. For all stages of the B2B journey.

Why you need a SEO consultant

Our Quantum SEO approach is engineered to meet the unique needs of the B2B sector in London. Experience the depth, precision, and innovation that only our agency, your dedicated SEO consultant, can offer

Let’s face it, you can’t just try and game Google’s algorithm these days.

SEO is a data game, and it’s time to approach it in a data-driven manner.

You need an SEO professional that can implement a strong SEO strategy.

Developing this SEO strategy takes time and testing. That’s what I believe makes me London’s best SEO consultant.

My SEO consulting guarantees

With Quantum SEO, we’re confident in delivering transformative results for your B2B company. Dive deep with us, and if you’re not satisfied, we offer a full refund. That’s our promise as London’s best SEO consultant.

So if you don’t see growth in your ranking positions within 90 days, I’ll give you a full refund. That’s my experienced SEO consultant guarantee to my clients.

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See what our B2B clients in London have to say about their Quantum SEO journey with SEOtagg Agency.

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James helped us to grow our search presence with a simple to-follow and action plan. He has some great inside tips and helps you to implement them, then test and measure to see what sticks. Couldn’t recommend this SEO consultant more.
Lucy Clark
We saw results instantly from the technical SEO changes recommended by James. He then walked us through an off-page strategy which is growing our links, rankings and revenue. We’ve had to eat our words about SEO investments when it’s this good.
Toby Jones

How my SEO consulting services work

Initial call

First we will chat on a call to determine where you are with SEO. This is to what you want to achieve with SEO and which areas and keywords to focus on.


Strategy session

Next we will arrange a meeting where I will deliver you a strategic SEO strategy that will help you to rank on page one and achieve your business, product or brand goals.


Strategy delivery

This strategy will be engineered based on the current state of your website, where it currently ranks and what the competitive space is like.



If we agree I will take you on as a client and we will get to work on implementing this plan. This could be liaising with your marketing team and integrating SEO into your digital marketing strategy.


Transparency and how my SEO agency reports results

I want you to get as much as possible from our SEO partnership. That’s why I don’t charge for upfront audits and that kind of thing.

I just work on getting your website as optimised as it can be and then we work on getting it to position number one, it’s that simple.

Throughout this SEO consultancy, I’ll keep you updated via updating reports and I can even provide interactive dashboards to show you how effective our partnership is.

Meet my team

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Account Manager

Sian Piper

SEO Manager

Sophie Waites

Marketing Executive

James Owen

SEO Data Analyst

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SEO Manager

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Hi, I’m James and I’m a professional SEO consultant. I’m the founder of SEOtagg, and if you want help with local SEO then why not chat, or book a call with me?


Frequently Asked Questions

This can vary a lot. There are a lot of variables when embarking on an SEO campaign. Some keywords are much harder to rank for than others, and these would represent a larger amount of SEO work. Ultimately you can expect a good London SEO consultant to charge between £2000-£5000 per month.


There are hundreds of individual tasks that you can expect an SEO consultant to perform. These can generally be split into the following categories: Research and planning – Doing keyword research and setting a high-level plan to get you to the top positions.


Finding a good SEO consultant requires you to look at their track record. Have they got extensive experience in ranking sites in the real world, or do they just know about SEO?


This one depends on how much your budget is for SEO. Generally, consultants are quick to respond, more agile and understand your needs better than an entire agency, where things can sometimes get lost and feel a little impersonal. But agencies will have larger resources and more ‘manpower’.


In the UK the average salary for SEO jobs is £42,500. This is relatively small when you think of the ROI from SEO when you rank highly in your niche.


An SEO consultant will take you through the details but the steps are generally: Audit the site and fix any errors. Work on the on-page things, so improving speed and experience. Keyword and topic research. Building a content plan and writing and optimising content. Off-page SEO, so building links and doing outreach to get your pages into the top results.


Local SEO refers to the act of targeting keywords that have a local geographical element to them. These terms are often less competitive but are great for businesses that target a local audience.


This is fine, I’m based in London, UK but I’m experienced in getting sites to rank all around the world.


Most SEO consultants are addicted to checking data points and understand what impact changes have on rankings. They will do many tasks that include: auditing, content planning, keyword research, technical SEO, competitor analysis, outbound, link building and many more.


SEO is hard and nobody really knows how Google works. That’s why having an experienced SEO consultant is a no-brainer. They have tried and tested many things in the past, and they are clued up about what the current trends and nuances are in the world of search engine optimization.