An SEO consultant that is changing how you do SEO.

We saw results instantly from the technical SEO changes recommended by James. He then walked us through an off page strategy which is growing our links, rankings and revenue. We’ve had to eat our words about SEO investments when it’s this good.

– Toby @Tamco

How I got started on this path

I remember the first time that I understood how powerful SEO could be.

I was working for a B2B business based in London and we had recently decided to implement a SEO strategy. We had already written a bunch of content for our site, but we had issues with getting traffic or customer from the content.

So we started to undergo outreach and proactive SEO work to go up the rankings. We’d identified the terms we thought were going to bring us customers and we went out to get our content to rank for them.

We started with on page optimization, and moved onto off-page. After we’d done a lot of work we began to see results. We were moving up the SERPS. We were super excited to see this progress and our traffic started to increase.

So we doubled down. As more backlinks came in and we optimized the content, we started to get onto the top page, and before we knew it we were in position number 1.

That’s when our traffic had increased exponentially and we were generating multiple clients each day.

Fastforward to today and I have replicated this process across a number of different companies in many niches. I’m now a full time London SEO consultant!

The truth is that SEO is both repeatable and scalable. It works and the results are incredible when you give it time to work.

So if you are a company looking to rank in London, the UK or other countries search results then I can help. I offer a number of SEO packages that can help you get more traffic and more customers from Google.

This is because I have spent a lot of time learning how Google works, implementing best practices, and doing the outreach day in day out that gets you to the top of Google. It doesn’t matter which industry you are in, I can help you get a huge ROI from SEO.

My services and what I can offer

Expert SEO consulting based in London

I can help you get to the first page of the search results.

Hi, I’m James and I’ve been working in this space for over 16 years. I’ve spend countless hours understanding how search engines work, and how businesses like yours can benefit from this knowledge.

The best part of my SEO consulting? I will give you your money back if you don’t see any results. What are you waiting for?

Learn SEO the right way

I want everyone to get into SEO. That’s because I think the SEO community is one of the best out there.

When more and more people start with SEO it helps us all by heightening the industry.

That’s why I built a detailed course to help you learn SEO in 100 days.

WordPress and CMS SEO

Platform-specific SEO can be really tricky.

That’s why I like to work with clients on WordPress and other CMS that I am experienced with.

I’m a WordPress expert and I’ll get your site ranking.

Join in the conversation

If you simply want to join my SEO community and get involved in the conversation then you can.

I’m active on Twitter and you can reach out with any problems or enquiries you have there.