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Powerful SEO for B2B Businesses

At SEOtagg, we recognize the distinct challenges and dynamics of the B2B landscape. That’s why we’ve crafted Quantum SEO, a groundbreaking approach that delves into the core of your online presence, delivering unparalleled results for B2B companies.

How we get better results for our clients

Quantum SEO

Granular Analysis:

Traditional SEO often skims the surface. Quantum SEO dives deep, analyzing every backlink, keyword, and content piece, ensuring every element is optimized for peak performance.

Predictive Adjustments:

Using advanced analytics, we forecast changes in search algorithms, user behavior, and industry trends, allowing us to make preemptive adjustments and keep your website ahead of the game.

Holistic Integration:

Quantum SEO emphasizes the interconnectedness of all SEO elements. From on-page optimization and content creation to off-page strategies and technical SEO, everything works in perfect harmony.

Adaptive Learning:

Employing state-of-the-art machine learning and AI techniques, we continuously refine our strategies based on data, user behavior, and search engine changes.

Entangled Off-Page:

Beyond traditional link building, Quantum SEO leverages digital PR and authoritative connections, establishing high-quality, entangled backlinks for your website.

Tunneling Indexation

Our advanced techniques ensure deep site penetration for optimal crawlability, optimizing structures and sitemaps for efficient search engine indexing.

Our key Features

We enable businesses to reach their online goals.


Quantum SEO for B2B

Our granular analysis, predictive adjustments, and holistic integration ensure your B2B company stays ahead of industry trends, connecting with the right business audience and driving meaningful engagements.


B2B Growth Strategy

With our adaptive learning techniques and beyond-the-observable insights, we help B2B businesses scale and thrive, ensuring every SEO element works in harmony to fuel growth.


B2B Optimization

SEOtagg’s Quantum SEO goes deep, uncovering hidden opportunities and latent patterns that elevate your B2B visibility, lead generation, and customer acquisition.

Don’t just take our word for it

Our Clients

See what our B2B clients have to say about their Quantum SEO journey with SEOtagg. Discover how we’ve helped them connect, engage, and grow.

Why should you choose SEOtagg?

Because we specialize in B2B, and our Quantum SEO approach is engineered to meet the unique needs of the B2B sector. Experience the depth, precision, and innovation that only SEOtagg can offer for your B2B business.

The reality is – there’s a million low quality SEO services out there. They will only deliver you one thing – a stagnant website with poor rankings.

SEO requires a systematic strategy with high levels of data analysis and testing.

You need an agency that can implement a strategy that works for your business.

Work with SEOtagg to build this today.

Our Guarantees

With Quantum SEO, we’re confident in delivering transformative results for your B2B company. Dive deep with us, and if you’re not satisfied, we offer a full refund.

So if you don’t see growth in your ranking positions within 90 days, We’ll give you a full refund.

Increase in ranking position

Increase in page score

Audit passed

30 days cancellation

Case studies and reviews

SEO results




Hip Diggs


James helped us to grow our search presence with a simple to-follow and action plan. He has some great inside tips and helps you to implement them, then test and measure to see what sticks. Couldn’t recommend this SEO consultant more.
Lucy Clark
We saw results instantly from the technical SEO changes recommended by James. He then walked us through an off-page strategy which is growing our links, rankings and revenue. We’ve had to eat our words about SEO investments when it’s this good.
Toby Jones

How Our SEO Agency Works

Initial call

First we will chat on a call to determine where you are with SEO. This is to what you want to achieve with SEO and which areas and keywords to focus on.


Strategy session

Next we will arrange a meeting where I will deliver you a strategic SEO strategy that will help you to rank on page one and achieve your business, product or brand goals.


Strategy delivery

This strategy will be engineered based on the current state of your website, where it currently ranks and what the competitive space is like.


Quantum Implementation

If we agree I will take you on as a client and we will get to work on implementing this plan. This could be liaising with your marketing team and integrating SEO into your digital marketing strategy.


Transparency and how my SEO agency reports results

I want you to get as much as possible from our SEO partnership. That’s why I don’t charge for upfront audits and that kind of thing.

I just work on getting your website as optimised as it can be and then we work on getting it to position number one, it’s that simple.

Throughout this SEO consultancy, I’ll keep you updated via updating reports and I can even provide interactive dashboards to show you how effective our partnership is.

Meet my team

Our Team


James Ewen


Tom Moss

Account Manager

Judith Lewis

SEO Manager

Sophie Waites

Marketing Executive

James Owen

SEO Data Analyst

Lucia Hart

SEO Manager

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