Founder and head consultant for SEOtagg.

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Founder & CEO Of SEOtagg

James Ewen is the founder of the award-winning SEO consultancy based in London. 

James originally became interested through working for a hospitality business and running their SEO.

Eventually, he worked on tech B2B SEO before making the jump to SEO consulting.

From this day onwards James experimented with SEO to get his skills to the point where he could help businesses of different types in the UK rank higher from SEO.

James loves to stay on top of the latest SEO trends, regularly attending conferences and engaging with the SEO community.

He spends most of his time working as an SEO consultant for companies based in London.

When he’s not working on his SEO consultancy he loves to exercise and run. He’s a big Leicester City fan and loves to cook.

To learn more about James Ewen or SEOtagg you can get in touch, connect on Twitter, or check out James’ personal SEO blog.