Magento SEO Consultant

Powerful optimisation for your WordPress website.

We saw results instantly from the technical SEO changes recommended by James. He then walked us through an off page strategy which is growing our links, rankings and revenue. We’ve had to eat our words about SEO investments when it’s this good.

– Toby @Tamco

My Magento Experience & Focus

Technical SEO

  • Magento Technical Audit
  • Actionable Steps
  • New WordPress Setup
  • Website Migration
  • Page Speed
  • EAT
  • Reputation

Content Strategy

  • Content Research
  • Keyword Planning
  • Technical Content Production
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Opportunity Reports
  • Magento Content marketing strategy

Off Page SEO

SEO for Magento

Are you looking for more traffic for your Magento site?

Are you currently sitting outside of the top pages and results for the keywords that matter for your business?

Then it could be time to look at working with a Magento SEO.

For over 15 years I have been offering SEO services and many of these services have been based on Magento.

Sure, there are a lot of SEO plugins available on Magento. But that’s not enough these days.

You need to understand how search engines work, and how they want your Magento site to look.

So move beyond Yoast, RankMath and simple plugins to get more traffic.

Want to increase your sales and revenue from your Magento store?

Whatever your digital marketing efforts we’ll help you to get there. We are experts in achieving a great result for Magneto stores. Our bespoke SEO service will help you out our rank the competition, make more sales and generate more customers.

See what my SEo clients say

SEOtagg helped us to grow our search presence with a simple to follow and action plan. He has some great inside tips and helps you to implement them, then test and measure to see what sticks. Couldn’t recommend this SEO consultant more.

– Lucia @NotionTemplates

We saw results instantly from the technical SEO changes recommended by James and the team. He then walked us through an off-page strategy which is growing our links, rankings and revenue. We’ve had to eat our words about SEO investments when it’s this good.

– Toby @Tamco

Magneto SEO services that will turbo boost your online store

Magento has worked wonders for many retailers and brands with a powerful open-source platform for e-commerce. But for store owners, it can be difficult to optimise for search engines and improve your ROI from SEO.

Most Magento stores require a significant amount of technical SEO knowledge. We know exactly what to look for to improve your results from SEO.

Our strategy helps you to:

  • Gain a new audience
  • Generate more traffic
  • Grow your retail brand
  • Get more sales
  • Reduce the need for paid digital marketing campaigns

The fundamentals of Magento SEO

Your Magento site

We will work on improving the site structure of your Magento store. This will help search engines such as Google to be able to understand your product and index your site better.

Content gap

To become an expert in the eyes of Google we’ll need to make sure that you have covered the topics that relate to your store items. We will provide a detailed content plan.

Identity technical issues

The performance of your Magento site is important for your ranking in the SERPs. Things such as user experience and how consumers can access your site will need to be perfect.


If you want to move up in the organic search results then you’ll need to work on building links. This isn’t easy and requires a human approach. Luckily we have you covered.

How our Magento SEO services works

I want you to get as much as possible from our SEO partnership. That’s why I don’t charge for upfront audits and that kind of thing. 

I just work on getting your Magento website as optimized as it can be and then we work on getting it to position number one, it’s that simple. 

Throughout this SEO consultancy, I’ll keep you updated via updating reports and I can even provide interactive dashboards to show you how effective our partnership is. 

Frequently asked questions about Magento SEO

How much does it cost for Magento SEO services?

The answer is it depends, but for a good SEO service, you can look at anything from $500 to $3000 per month.

Is Magento good for SEO?

The Magento platform is a good step to SEO success. It's optimized but you might need an expert to help you with some of the more technical aspects of SEO.

How do I improve site speed on Magento?

To improve site speed you will need to invest in technical SEO. You will need to ensure that images are lazy-loaded and your site code is optimized to load quickly.

How does SEO work?

SEO consultants will take you through the details but the steps are generally: Audit the site and fix any errors. Work on the on-page things, so improving speed and experience. Keyword and topic research. Building a content plan and writing and optimising content. Off-page SEO, so building links and doing outreach to get your pages into the top results.