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What you’ll learn:

The basics (day 1-11)

Get set up and ready to ramp up your SEO efforts.

Site experience (day 12-19)

Please Google and optimize for site experience.

Speed & Performance (day 20 - 32)

Implement these steps to get your site running extremely quick.

Technical SEO (day 33-45)

Some tips to get into Google's good books.

Content optimization (day 46-56)

ensure your content is giving of the right signals.

On-Page (day 57-72)

Improve aspects of your site and get them working together to boost rankings.

Off-page (day 73-79)

Learn the best outreach tips to get links.

Advanced SEO (day 80-100)

Advanced tips to become an SEO guru.


Hey, I’m James ๐Ÿ‘‹

Iโ€™m an SEO nerd with a great track record when it comes to SEO. I have been working in SEO for over 7 years.ย 

Why SEO?


of all internet traffic comes from search engines

Over half

of consumers perform an online search before making a purchase

Two thirds

of B2B businesses say SEo generates more business than any other channel

More organic traffic = more revenue
SEO has low costs and a huge ROI
ย ย 
Great SEO content means better engagement
SEO helps both B2B and B2C businesses
ย ย 
As a seasoned SEO freelances I have experience applying all of these tips to my clients sites

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