James Ewen

James is an SEO consultant based in London working with clients around the world to get more traffic from organic search. He’s the author of the 100 days of SEO newsletter.

SEO Cost ROI Calculator


Look, digital marketing spend has grown exponentially since the pandemic. You’re likely to allocate some of your marketing budgets towards SEO efforts. But determining the appropriate amount to invest in SEO can be challenging. Fear not, you’re not the only…

Why SEO Is So Popular Right Now?

The answer is, of course, it depends. Okay, that was a joke. But several factors have made SEO such a popular tactic for business growth. It’s also becoming a very desirable career path. But why is this? When I first…

Mastering Link Building Strategies For SEO

If you want your website to rank on Google, you must recognize the importance of link building and develop an effective strategy for earning high-quality links. Link building is the process of building one-way hyperlinks, also called backlinks, to a…